brdeskshotThe author of eight books, Bobby is a prolific writer whose work covers a diverse range of subjects: music/art/creativity, health and nutrition, exercise and fitness, the mind/body connection, metaphysics and philosophy, creative non-fiction, memoir, human sexuality, veganism, animal advocacy and environmental issues, even fiction and poetry.



Bobby’s newest book is called Zentauria: My Season in the Warrior Utopia.  Set among a secretive utopian community on a small island off the east coast of Africa, Zentauria “documents American musician/author Bobby Rock’s 11-week odyssey with the extraordinary warriors, artists and monks of this mythical island.  Explore Rock’s uncensored journals, as he penetrates every facet of this futuristic community and details the unparalleled beauty, wisdom and mastery of these modern-day ‘Atlanteans.’”


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The Blog

The easiest way into “Writing World” is through the Bobby Rock Blog, which has nearly 250 individual entries.

Click HERE for the main blog home page, and either start scrolling down the page to see entries in reverse chronological order (which is a great way to get a taste of Bobby’s writing), or search through the list of subcategories on the upper right side of the page.  This is an excellent place to start.

Click HERE for a brief About this Blog page where Bobby gives insight into the purpose and direction of his blog, which has been active since 2007.

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You can also enjoy Bobby’s fitness advice – as tailored for drumming – in his regular column for Drum magazine.  Available at newsstands everywhere….


Preview a few of these articles in the Exercise section of the blog.