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New solo record in process:
Zentauria – The Original Soundtrack


Bobby’s latest solo record is a “soundtrack” to his new book, Zentauria. The current direction is BR’s classic, eclectic power trio funk-rock sound… with orchestration. The record will also feature Bobby’s latest brainchild…

Alphabet Drumming


Bobby says: “One of the cool things I’ve been working on quite a bit in the practice room lately is something I stumbled across during the Zentauria experience called “Alphabet Drumming.”  (It pops up a few times throughout the book, during three or four different entries.)

It’s involved a complete expansion of my kit so that 26 of my now 40 drums have each been assigned a different letter of the alphabet.  Then, I play various words, sentences or paragraphs – in rhythm – almost as if the drums are a computer keyboard.

Of course, there’s a whole backstory as to how it all came about, and how it was supposed to be this challenging, out-of-the-box new way of approaching the instrument from a heavy left-brain perspective, blah, blah, blah.  (I’ll explain more later.)  BUT, I have to tell you, for as interesting and obscure of an idea as it is, it’s the sound and the musicality of this alphabet drumming thing that’s been blowing my mind the most.  I’ve just never fucking heard anything like this before.

“Some of the combinations, rhythms and overall melodic sequences are really something special.  I’ve even been working on “dryping” (drumming + typing) poetry, literature and dialogue excerpts from movies like Pulp Fiction and V For Vendetta.  Man… you just have to hear this shit.  I believe it will have a heavy influence, one way or another, on some of the groove, fill and solo ideas I’ll be getting into on the new record.  Stay tuned. ”

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Here are some links to Bobby’s specialized blog posts featuring drum vids; Beautiful Drum Music:

Drum Solo

It’s no secret that I love to do drum solos. Grew up on ‘em. All my favorite players were monster soloists… and purveyors of the drumming art form in the process. Sadly, it’s become somewhat of a dying art, partly … Continue reading

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Embracing Excess – Ladies and Gentlemen, The Octopus!

A few years back I featured a special groove on my DVD, The Zen of Drumming, called “The Octopus.” It’s a one-bar pattern that utilizes 22 individual sound sources, and it had become a much-requested favorite from my solo drumming … Continue reading

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Beautiful Drum Music: Son of Timbale Jam

This is an improvisational Take-Two of another spontaneous solo excerpt (blemishes and all) that focuses on the left quadrant of my drum kit.  Again, it features the timbales, which have always been my favorite Latin Percussion instrument.  This “pre-meditated” improv … Continue reading

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Beautiful Drum Music: Timbale Jam

Here’s a spontaneous, improvised solo excerpt (blemishes and all) that focuses on the “left 11″ – the left-third of my drum kit.  It features the timbales, which have always been my favorite Latin Percussion instrument.  Enjoy… BR