Lita Ford


Bobby has been touring regularly with Lita Ford, his primary gig these days. This is the place for various blog posts and multimedia pages on the band.  Much more to come…



Here are a few Road Reports from some recent international adventures:

Scandinavia – Road Report: July 2013

For me, going to Europe has always been akin to jumping in a time machine.  Just walking around over there, you get a sense of how old so many of the structures are… to say nothing of the actual streets … Continue reading

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Australia – Road Report: May 2013

Bringin’ the Thunder Down Under with Lita Ford Australia is as cool and beautiful a place as you might imagine.  The people are friendly, the country is clean, and the time zone is completely whacked out.  In fact, when you … Continue reading

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Monsters of Rock Cruise 2013 – Road Report

Monsters of Rock!!! Imagine: Over 30 different bands, thousands of music lovers, a big-ass ship with four different venues, and the Atlantic Ocean. That summarizes what the Monsters of Rock Cruise is all about. Now, combine that with a little … Continue reading